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Good Morning everyone :)

That's right, slept and slept and tried to regain hole strength but human is human, isn't it?

am afraid AM Not finished.

And before thinking about The Most Important Elevator Pitch of my life you guys are kindly asking of me, there's one more thing i need to put on the table.


Hi, we've met before, am just another Soul who was baptized And took Catechism in order to Do My First Communion. My family thought it was important, given it's been Tradition in my family for generations, as well.

This morning's Mass was interesting… Sounded real Different, didn't actually went to one, but You can be Loud considering you built a Church within every ten–mile–ratio on this beautiful country. And you already know how much i enjoy sunrises, don't you? Even if these days kinda been enjoying them involuntarily…

So… i don't know. People keep asking me what is it that i want and… don't worry, am working on That Pitch and perhaps it's not what you guys think.

That rules out Catholic Church's Money. Yes… honestly wouldn't touch your money with a 10–foot pole. Not superstitious here. Just, greed and power don't appeal to me that much, honestly.

Anyway, BUT… (Sorry there is Always A But!) Hmmmm… That's a Lot Of Money, man! A loooot of money. Again, not with the aim of Destroying here. Create violence or more killings, but… What are you guys up to? Because this morning's mass sounded a bit messy. Kinda Creepy, if you ask me. I don't mean to criticize without knowledge here, man, but… You kinda have me wondering what are you guys thinking right now.

Right now that questions about anything and everything about our ways include You.

And you kinda have me worried about That Amount of Money in form of Not Only Money… but Lands, Political and Social Power. Am worried you guys Have the Power to buy something that potentially could Destroy us all, or you know, Just My Country. 

So… what are you Thinking about? Plans B or C… Another Witch Hunt, perhaps? Another search for someone to be Nailed to a Cross and (fingers crossed… miraculously wakes up on the Third Day), and a whole New Cycle Begins? 

Sorry, willing to risk everything here for the rest of Us.

You guys Have Protected Yourselves, haven't you? Somehow, you skillfully isolated to become a State. Including a Political Division, police corps and your very Own City. 

Again, sorry, but need to Clarify again this: Don't questioning your traditions, but your intentions of preserving things as they are have been Clear For Centuries. It's inconsistency that makes me nervous.

Your Spokesman, obviously not your CEO nor CFO which is your Organization as a Whole… this guy Seems Reasonable, doesn't he? But, am wondering if the rest of division directors around the World agree with him. Or are somehow willing to comply with his Spokesman, and if he Truly serves as CSO, or not? 




You guys thinking what am Thinking?








… That's right, man! Depending on the Political Corp or Structure on the Country You Guys Have Operations On – which is practically Every Country in the World – glad to announce to you all that instead of a witch hunt (or whore, or prostitute, or, you know, whatever label you guys have made out your mind about me) in form of Violence against you, why don't use Politics and Sanity to Dismantle this Giant Power?

On some countries, Blood–bond Donations Reduce Significantly or Don't Pay TAXES.

(don't ask me how i know that, frankly would prefer not knowing, but given the circumstances… Thankful that i Do)

So, Are you Sure all those men you have imprisoned throughout history don't have families? Loved Women, bareD any Children? 

Because the way i see it, the very thing You Want The Most is already out there – Knowledge. Internet brought knowledge and opened up our minds and knowledge about stuff… and with that High Hopes of being able to See what's out there, beyond our computer screens. And It's Breathtakingly Beautiful, man. Letting every man enjoy the Life that was given to him is better, than trying to maintain a Status Quo that perhaps won't last for much longer. 

And there are as many Options as there are Apologies need to be made by you. No offense. And Not to me. But, to Human Kind. There are countries Drowning on Debt being barely able to feed themselves. There are lots of Students Drowning on Debt in many countries now. Seriously, i was shocked the first time i heard you guys could properly feed and "fix" an entire African country by signing a check. And you can still keep your traditions, your ways, everything you worked so hard behind doors on every Monastery, Convent or inside the Vatican.

But, hey! If someone else has a better idea, please, all ears! What Do You Think G… 7? 8? Or should we remove that "G" and consider every Country as G as possible from now on? 

Please, let me know if you guys Still want to hear that Pitch of Mine. Because am Not At All Planning to drink ice cold beers next to a pool everyday for the rest of my life. Just Sometimes, when, you know… it's Party and Relax Time :)

My Only Hope Is That You Guys Here My Prayer.


With Love and Respect to you, too.

All right.