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About Ben Lecomte

Am sorry raising awareness about our existence Means Questioning Everything About US.

About Ben Lecomte... This French Swimmer Who Wants To Swim the Pacific Ocean to Raise Awareness for Clean Oceans...

Ye... Twitter Blocked me, I cannot login anymore. I don't know, but, swimming Across an Ocean for the first time with big–fishes around (hungry because perhaps... Plastic) is Not The Smartest way nor the best idea of showing Love for Oceans at least for the time being... Perhaps. Even if it's an act of Conservation.

He has family to think of. Or not?

Hey, dad! Would you hold your horses for the time being even if it IS FOR A DAMN GOOD NOBLE CAUSE?!

There are Way Less (Or Not) potentially self-destructive ways to show your kids you love them and want to leave a better place for them behind.

Nature is nature. Just saying.

Hope you at least think about this, Twice!

Because the Love you give to your family will Never Be Replaced BY ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE.


(I also send this message directly to the Site of the Documentary directly)

Please! All right, hope you get this message before reaching that White Shark Migration Area! ♡